University of Finance and Banking (UFB) has ongoing partnerships with companies in the private market (banks, financial institutions, businesses etc.), based on which students benefit from internship programs.

However, UFB students can participate in internship programs in a European-funded project.
Its aim is to help young people to integrate more easily into the labor market. POSDRU/90/2.1/S/61811 project is called "Practice - the first step to your career", and the UFB students participate in internships at companies such as Romanian Commercial Bank, Transilvania Bank and SC Boștină & Associates Financial Consulting SRL.

Placements may consist of different types of activities - from student involvement in customer loyalty programs to finance junior positions alongside with professionals in the field.
Students participating in this project are paid throughout the placement and have the opportunity to be employed by these companies.

Do you want to sign up and be involved in this program? Send an email to and send us your contact details (name, surname, academic year, phone and email) and the project that interests you (in this case, the name of the project "Practice - the first step in your career "). We will contact you.

UFB Tutor - UFB Mentor

University of Finance and Banking (UFB) has a program for the integration of UFB students; the program is developed with the involvement of final year students, but also teachers and members of the UFB Alumni Association.
This program involves experts from the banking system that become mentors for students who are in the last year and want to learn as much from professionals.

Last updated on 04 june 2012