About FMF

Faculty of Financial Management (FMF) is the academic structure of the University of Finance and Banking (UFB) of a long tradition of over 13 years, representing the core around which the UFB is built.

Faculty of Financial Management in the UFB prepares graduates in Finance and Banking specialization, based on daily courses for 3 years.
Over 8,000 Banking and Finance specialists were trained in the last years.

The teaching staff is of high quality, including high level scientists and professionals in banking.

Courses are interactive, with an emphasis on the practical side. UFB provides students with research laboratories equipped with the latest computers.
UFB runs programs in education and university research, in partnerships with other universities and major research centers in Europe, as well as exchange programs for students and professors.

Students receive practical programs organized in banks and financial institutions with whom the UFB has partnerships or projects in this regard. However, students are involved in interships in a program financed by European funds.
UFB established excellence group called "Student Smart Plus" for students with good results during the years of study, which will receive job offers addressed to them.
UFB provides scholarships for students with outstanding results. Each academic year, the UFB has foreign students from EU and non EU countries.

Last updated on 04 june 2012