Success Stories

The opinions of some former students

Sânziana RĂDULESCU, Senior Credit Analyst, MSE Credit Approval, OTP BANK ROMANIA S.A.:
"In 2004, I was among the first three graduates of University for Finance and Banking (former Romanian Banking Institute) Finance-Banking Management specialization day courses, making a first and important step in my professional training. During the 4 years of study, I had the honor of being guided by exceptional teachers, with teaching experience in banking, permanently connected to the contemporary economy, open people, involved and interested in forming well trained young people, conscientious and independent, to perform on a banking market that in recent years, has required more than ever professionalism, vision and responsibility.
The fact that during the years of study I managed to build the theoretical background in order to be further applied in practice , was due to my desire to accumulate knowledge offered by teachers who have been involved in the teaching act with the greatest responsibility, dedication and professionalism. University for Finance and Banking has contributed to my training as a person and as a professional."

Vladimir ȘELARU, Director in Banca Comercială Feroviara:
"I have chosen University of Finance and Banking (former Romanian Banking Institute) for completion of economic studies due to the following reasons:
- It is a higher education institution owned by the National Bank of Romania;
- The natural approach to the banking system, both through teachers, and through a significant percentage of students who work in the commercial banks;
- More applied approach of the objects studied and themes;
- Greater possibilities to extrapolate professional experience in study and scientific communications.
So, I appreciate, that for those who are already in the banking system and want to deepen their knowledge and/or to develop various skills in the field, University of Finance and Banking is the first option."

Last updated on 08 december 2012